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How did the Erie Canal affect slavery? I continue to research African American history and am haunted with questions, images, and experiences of my own personal spiritual reflection of what and how do we remain resilient and full of hope. How did Black Woman realize they encapsulate a strength like no other, ever? I say this as our current events are historical and undoubtedly a pivotal and an upheaval time grateful to experience. I realized this through introspection and inner peace found inside that has and is always present. There is evidence through which we are expanding, expressing, and acknowledging and it is revolutionary.

The Artist, Howardena Pindell inspired this story as she captured intricate pieces of history, important and relevant storytelling beautifully displayed simple and clear at The Shed.

The Shed

Her work has made an impact that would take years to consume and to unpack if an interest in truth. There’s a sense of reincarnation, excitement, and confirmation that answers a call of an unbalanced nation. Like a map to refer and confirm as not to be deceived. Rope/Fire/Water art exhibit is the research, the hypothesis an origin of American unveiled past and the peoples questions of the obvious, and of the why.

This nation is rich with history, from the backs and labor of the overwhelmed, marginalized, warehoused inventors, artists, and creators. Why did Trump go to Erie in October? Why is the Erie Canal significant and what is the lesson or takeaway of that political visit? His visit symbolizes this nation’s past that we must face. How was the timing of relevance to Howardena’s art exhibition at The Shed?

I decided to research and list facts about The Erie Canal because of the Black presence particularly with or without migration to the town of Erie of people who deserve recognition in American history beyond slavery. I imagine a depth of wealth, secrets, and treasures, of course hidden. There’s a correlation between slavery, money, power, and New York. I would hope that African Americans, the people who physically financed this country's land and water continue to leave clues and evidence, for the truth. I would also hope we African Americans capitalize on our labor, inventions, and residuals.


The opening of the Erie Canal in 1825 almost paralleled the abolition of slavery in New York State in 1827. ... Then in 1850 with the passage of the Fugitive Slave Act, the New York State canals provided an accessible route to Canada for the exodus of a great number of African Americans.

Did slaves build the Erie Canal?

Lemmey points out that slavery was not yet abolished in New York during the construction of the Erie Canal, from 1817 to 1825. It ended in the state in 1827. She says that slaves and free blacks living in New York at the time were among those who built the waterway.Apr 2, 2006

What is the Erie Canal and why was it important?

The Erie Canal is a 363-mile waterway that connects the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean via the Hudson River in upstate New York. ... The canal transformed New York City into the young nation's economic powerhouse, and in 2000 the U.S. Congress designated the Erie Canal a National Heritage Corridor.Mar 15, 2018

How did NYC benefit from the Erie Canal?

The completion of the Erie Canal spurred the first great westward movement of American settlers, gave access to the rich land and resources west of the Appalachians and made New York the preeminent commercial city in the United States. ... The effect of the Canal was both immediate and dramatic, and settlers poured west.

How did the Erie Canal affect the civil war?

America United

Echoing those claims, many historians believe that the Erie Canal had a major impact on the outcome of the American Civil War. Not only did the canal play a role in transporting food and material, but it also strengthened economic and social ties between the northeastern seaboard and the Midwest.

Does the Erie Canal freeze?

The Canal was partially drained for five months a year because winter freezes made it unusable. Because it was so shallow, the Canal could freeze very quickly, trapping boats in ice. But the frozen canal also created many opportunities for recreation, such as ice skating at the wide waters or the aqueduct.

8 Ways the Erie Canal Changed America - HISTORY

Two Hundred Years on the Erie Canal › moving-people-ideas › abolitionism

Upstate New York was a center of abolition activity during the canal era and anti-slavery ideas spread from port to port. The Canal was completed in 1825, and ...

Underground Railroad - ERIE CANAL › underground-rail...

The Canal towpath served as one of the routes of the Underground Railroad. The opening of the Erie Canal in 1825 almost paralleled the abolition of slavery in New York ... In addition to the strong Anti-Slavery presence in the canal villages…

Eva Doyle: A flight for freedom on Erie Canal | Opinion ... › opinion › eva-doyle-a-flight-fo…

Feb 1, 2020 — By Eva M. Doyle Many people learned about the Erie Canal in their school ... The canal opened Oct. 26, 1825, with a caravan of ships led by the governor. ... Later, as one of the nation's leading anti-slavery activists, he wrote … › Politics

Oct 21, 2020, 9:45 AM. The letter F. An envelope. ... ERIE, PA - OCTOBER 20: U.S. President Donald Trump ...

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Some famous people from Erie.

Marilyn Burns, actress, known for role as Sally in 1974 movie The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. I saw the move in 1974.

Ann B. Davis, actress, known for role as Alice on TV's Brady Bunch - Who didn’t love Alice?

Billy Blanks, inventor of Taebo and martial arts film actor - Famous, Wealthy and Black.


It’s about you, it’s about us…



This time has sparked introspection in most of us and good humanity continues to win. That is why it is imperative to fill spaces with information and knowledge free speech, value of voices on media. I’ve decided to share topics and resources around Black women's health and solutions, venture capital, interesting start-ups, and lifestyle suggestion improvements. We love art, entertainment, and substance. Not all stories are sad and not all stories are joyful. This is determined with real content by real people.

6 Organizations That Support Black Women's Health—And Why the Work They're Doing Is So Essential

Amid the global pandemic and recent acts of racial injustice, the fractured U.S. health system is facing a reckoning for the many ways in which it has historically and is currently failing Black women. While strides are being made in terms of growing awareness and more focused efforts to address issues such as the maternal health crisis and its disproportionate impact on Black women, the fact is that the system needs a complete overhaul if the equity in treatments and outcomes is going to be achieved.

Phil Freelon, The ‘Blacksonian,’ Atlanta’s civil rights center — and a Durham bus station — are all part of his legacy… “I wasn’t going to design prisons, strip malls, or casinos. The work that excited me were schools, libraries, and similar projects that positively impacted the community.”

LeBron James received some heady praise from the iconic Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich. The 71-year-old praised James for using his platform.

Killer Mike Talks 'Evil' Riots at U.S. Capitol: 'We Know That Justice is Lopsided'


Understanding Venture Capital

Successful VCs have mastered the art of spotting one of the lucky few startups that make it big, and betting on them when it’s still too early to tell whether they’ll succeed. We will continue to focus on startup culture and strategy to support communities in need of resources.

Of all U.S. based VC firms, 5.6 are women led. And although 38% of all women-owned firms are founded by a woman of color, this represents only 2.1% of all VC firms in the U.S. Not really a statistic to boast with, isn't it? Additionally, Black and LatinX VC’s are collectively changing the landscape of VC’s.

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day is peaceful for New York City kids, but it sure isn't boring, with music, storytelling, and volunteer activities all focused on sharing Dr. King's life and legacy with kids. Enjoy a Community Day event in Brooklyn, a family poetry workshopBAM's FREE online Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration, and more.

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Long Lost Martin Luther King, Jr. Speech

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Dr. Fauci Discusses The COVID-19 Vaccine With The Black Community

With the COVID-19 vaccine distribution coming soon to cities across the U.S., Dr. Anthony Fauci discusses the concerns of Black communities who have been disproportionately affected by COVID-19.  He explains the expedited vaccine development process, the efficacy of the vaccine, who receives the vaccine first, and more. Black communities trust Dr. Fauci because of his forthright stance on engaging in dialogue.

Strength, Courage & Wisdom

Inspiration during these challenging times!

Benedict Evans /India Arie

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