Range of Motion

Joint Movements

If you have been following us, you can recall the constant reminder to increase your range of motion.
As we age and move about in the world the body wants to move with flexibility, quickness, and agility. Have you ever taken a cycle class or an aerobic class and move freely with the class or choreography? These movements become easier without the disease to joints, increased mind-body connection, and range of motion. Of course, there are more variables involved in the complexity of the body, however, in a nutshell, the goal is to increase the range of motion to enhance your lifestyle experience.

Remember No pressure at joint intersections

Remember to FOAM ROLL as prescribed if you do not have an underlying condition.

Remember to ease into physical and mental fitness at your own pace.

Remember to have fun, find joy, and let go. You can improve your overall attitude.

Common joint movements include from Prevention.com

  • Extension is a motion that increases the angle between the bones of the limb at a joint. It occurs when muscles contract and bones move the joint into a straightened position, like straightening the elbow.
  • The opposite of extension, flexion bends the joint so that the joint angle decreases, like bending the elbow.
  • Abduction is moving away from the central axis of the body.
  • Adduction is moving towards the central axis of the body.

From Verywellfit.com

Extension and Extensor Muscles

An extension is seen in these movements:

  • Straightening the knee
  • Unbending your elbow
  • Moving the upper leg backward from the hip
  • Moving your arm backward from the shoulder
  • Moving your head backward from the neck
  • Raising your chin
  • Leaning backward from the waist
  • Straightening your finger
  • Extension at the wrist moves the hand back towards the back of the forearm and is called dorsiflexion.

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