No Looting Mattered, Black Lives Mattered

No Looting Mattered, Black Lives Mattered

Published in The Harlem Business Journal, July 21, 2020

Updated: Jun 21

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A beautiful demonstration began at Lenox Avenue. Four African-American gangs organized a peaceful march to prevent looting. They are on a mission to end stereotypical negative images.


The march began with a group huddle in front of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture at 135th Street and Malcolm X Blvd. They shared the life of George Floyd who died for an American criminal #justicemalfunction had motivated them to come together.


The commander wore a denim jacket decorated with colorful bandanas, many of which represented gang colors. He carried a black bat which had blue, red, yellow and black and white bandana's tied at the tip. He also carried a bullhorn and led us into chanting, "No justice, no peace and Black Lives Matter." He said to the people, "What you see before you are four gangs who has come together in peace." Some participated by raising their fists and chanting along, others began walking with us." Many joined; they were Black, white and in between. It was an eclectic mixture of culture and Harlem loyal exhilaration. These young men, energetic and uniquely beautiful immersed themselves into the community to be recognized for the good.


Upon the return walk, another supporter shared the following:

"We all come from different struggles in life, fighting different demons to survive, but at the end of the day, we come together to realize that it was necessary to bring upon positivity through peace and show love for our brothers and community. Some of the men among us risked their freedom to protest today. As you see when the police began to follow, many members quietly became unnoticed.”


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