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AfroBeat Nigeria Legacy - if you know us, you know Fela, jazz, and Afrobeat.

When it comes to winter and wellness, we usually have options to meet up for a concert, hot cocoa, or tea and gather with loved ones and friends. These days are different for all of us however we quickly adjust, create, move forward, and become balanced all over yet again. This is because we are resilient.

We encourage you to look inside and find your resilience, find it and explore it. We are resilient. Similar to the tree that falls in the forest, the vibration is real and can be heard if you stop and listen. There’s a knowing that all is well. Enjoy each day because it’s a gift.

Hollywood Pays Tribute to Our Queen Matriarch Cicely Tyson 'On This Land'


How Ethnicity Affects Osteoarthritis

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Mobility is the ability to move your body, freely without discomfort or pain, or awkwardness. We gain mobility by exercising and being mindful of how we move in the exercises to increase our range of motion. The body similar to the spirit wants to fill as much space as possible, that is to increase or gain range of motion. Increasing range of motion prevents injury and builds athleticism and overall functions. When you are at your fittest self, you feel you can take on the world. Your breathing improves, your range to move picks up and you become agile, quick, and nimble. This improves lifestyle experiences, which will provide a better way to look and feel about yourself in the world. Peace and balance increase and positivity sets in.

Tai Chi and Martial Arts


More on mobility

Knee injuries mobility and falling…

Here are a few more stunning statistics that highlight the necessity of implementing a fall prevention program if you are over the age of 65:

  • Falling accidents are responsible for 95% of hip fractures among the senior population and at least 300,000 seniors are hospitalized for hip fractures annually.

  • 1 out of every 5 falls results in a serious injury such as a head injury or fractured bones.

  • 8 million seniors are treated by emergency rooms for fall injuries every year.

  • Falling is the most common cause of serious brain injuries.

  • According to one study, falling accidents are responsible for a loss of $31 billion dollars annually.



DOUBLE LEGEND ALERT: Rapper Megan Thee Stalliontook to Instagram over the weekend to showcase a handbag from Dior’s recent collaboration with artist Judy Chicago. The bag is based on Chicago’s 1973 painting Let It All Hang Out. In her autobiography, Through the Flower, the artist writes that, when she finished it, “I cried for several hours. The painting was forceful and yet feminine. I had never seen those two attributes wedded together in an image.” Here's hoping the artists link up for a collaboration of some sort soon. [@theestallion/Instagram]

Turnips, Turnips Roots - Good nutrition eating. Great fiber vitamins and minerals.

Go meatless…


Black Health and Healing Virtual Summit


  1. In 2017, of the approximately 25.3 million nonemployer businesses, about 8.2 million were Black-owned, accounting for around $279.3 billion in receipts out of a total of approximately $1.2 trillion.

  2. ‘The Humanity of Blackness' Missing From History Classes: How to Transform Black History Education in Schools

  3. Morgan Freeman on Black History Month

  4. The US still does a wretched job of teaching Black history. An expert in African American history education explains how to fix it.


One of our first engagements was a contract with a private college where we hired and mentored a team of instructors. It was inspiring to give opportunities to our friends. Eventually, we launched in Hunts Point, The South Bronx where collective inspiration goals were accomplished. Supporters would trek from Harlem by subway, car-pool, or take a bus to meet for fitness sessions and workshops. In October 2018, we returned to Harlem, occupying a co-working space inside The National Black Theatre. We are seeking a location for our expanded business model. We remain connected with our core group.

Eye Cycle Lifestyle Digital, will feature our friends and supporters who have realized their lifestyle transformations. We welcome back our friends and invite new ones. Our engagements will continue to be community-focused however inspired globally with exciting innovation, technology, more workshops, and education. During this time, we've created new, fun, and challenging fitness formats. We also revamped chair fitness specifically for entrepreneurs and seniors as well as a fun and intimate Love My Belly which is self-activated focusing on our neglected and misused mid-section. It brings self-awareness, mindfulness to consumption, mobility, and posture improvements.

There is a need for trustworthy global and digital wellness expansion for similar startups which will allow a competitive edge and voice for our required services. Our supporters have realized their goals as they have said so, they express excitement and are looking for our digital launch. We have operated under-funded and consider ourselves the little engine that could following cultivating successful methodologies and building community. That was before COVID 19. Now, we are requesting exposure to our mission on a wider scale so that we can continue to provide our services. We operated scrappy and creative. We have a proven concept and ready for our next venture into mobile and streaming offerings. We can continue to touch lives through technology and relevancy. Our intent is to replace our bikes and donate our old ones to a high-school where we will provide free streaming classes. These classes could inspire fitness curricula and entrepreneurial spirit.Eye Cycle Lifestyle Digital

Small businesses are the foundation of the community and must have support in order to survive our new world. As far as we are aware, there hasn't been sufficient relief for small businesses, particularly in Harlem. Harlem, New York is globally recognizable for its contributions to art, entertainment, innovation, creativity in America's footprint. The community has conducted and supported wellness. The "Bath House" formerly located on 135th cultivated a myriad of fitness that included, swimming, basketball, African dancing, drummers, instructors, and community participants and loved ones. Many considered the day-long sessions of which often featured International talent from various countries of Africa. Congolese Dance was one of the most popular and familiar to African Americans. You could find us there, sharing information, networking, leading, and mentoring each other. Basically supporting our healthy lifestyle. These wellness rituals were an underlying, unpublished fitness experience celebrated and supported by the community. Similar to church service, we would go beyond 3 hours a session. These things were happening throughout Harlem beyond 145th through to the Oberia Dempsey Center on West 127th Street. Community wellness and fitness included chess, football, ice-skating, fencing, line dancing, salsa, swimming, and more. Although most are non-profit or big box brands, there is an urgency for innovation to be competitive and keep pace with the demand especially with the expansion of development. We created Eye Cycle due to scarce access to small groups and boutique training experiences. Direct and small gatherings have allowed focused, targeted, and streamlined successful outcomes. We are ready to make the leap into innovation and see success when the baton is passed. All we require is an opportunity and access to funding. Wellness is a lifestyle we've lived for a while. Digital access can inspire growth to touch more lives through achievable franchised possibilities.

Eye Cycle Lifestyle Digital

Chris Rock reveals he has a learning disorder

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Plus:5 Takeaways From The Fifth Annual National Day Of Racial Healing

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