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We promote and encourage fitness, wellness and nutrition.

We believe trampoline/rebounding exercise works magic in that it brings joy, helps with balance, core and most importantly, cleanses the lymphatic system. 

Some key facts of trampoline fitness:

Make sure to use a high quality device.

Trampolines are great for social distancing, especially out doors.

Check with your doctor before any fitness program.

Energizes and engages and conditions the total body.

High energy, great cardio and low impact.

Jumping, jumping jacks, yoga, rebounding and trampoline are excellent variables to charge and stimulate the lymphatic system.

Can improve pelvic floor strength and stability. Each individual could have unique conditions.

We begin in regression mode before introducing advance movements and choreography.


Join us for a 6 week Eye Jump Fitness program.

Join our Eye Cycle Fitness community.

There are various brands of trampolines.

Here's an interesting article:

The Best Trampolines on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers = by The Editors

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