(Photo - Fred Moon)

Of all whom I knew who perished, I was mostly affected by a placement we found for Cantor Fitzgerald, One World Trade Center. As an Executive Search Consultant for a dope boutique search firm, I sourced, found and poached people for glorious opportunities. Then, Executives made upwards of 250K. Finding super stars and specialist for businesses that people like me didn’t know much about. Eventually I became Research Director. I didn’t have an MBA nor the luxury of nepotism. I had to figure S#!t out and I did. I was an amazing executor and began to enjoy business.

9/11 Evoked me to experience life different. Of course, I lost my job. The company feel apart. New York City was insane. It was painful. It was traumatic, it was dramatic. I was married, building a new home. My son was young, beautiful, impressionable and absorbing the energy of all. I was stressed and become afraid. Life and spirit shifted. Communities relying on bosses and banks become even more vulnerable.

I started to work out. I became stronger mentally and physically. With all the chaos in the world, going to the gym and sweating out the crap and meeting people seeking relief from stress like I, had inspired my thoughts and feelings. I realized my vision. I can help people feel better and live better. Eureka! I had to serve and give.

Now as a Fitness Specialist, Community Volunteer, Personal Trainer, Entrepreneur, Single Woman, I am changing the world.

Everyday is an opportunity to enhance positive outcomes and influence the way we feel about ourselves and each other. Are you going to workout or exercise today? Are you going to think about feeding yourself or an emotion? How much water do you consciously drink a day? No judgement. Get closer to your inner voice of light and listen. Like my mentor said. Sit still and find your ritual. It doesn’t matter about money or material things. Solutions are not external, they are internal. Whist we are here, with the gift and blessing of life an opportunity, you can shift your reality.

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