“Zip codes shouldn’t determine fitness”

In my line of work, I encountered a pervasive stereotype that presumed that women were unable to establish energetic businesses that require intensive intellect and manpower as women are generally seen as the ”weaker vessel.” I launched our brick and mortar physical exercise business in the Hunts Point Section of South Bronx New York, in 2018. I collaborated with two other women with whom I painted, and constructed our boutique fitness space on our own and with our own money and blueprint. We purchased equipment, build shelving, and installed flooring to the standard of our business model.

I managed all administrative specifics which included a POS system integration along with all marketing, flyers, community events, including transporting our equipment and sound system. We introduced a concept with an objective to create a cultural and comforting environment that engaged anyone seeking a place of rejuvenation and healing. Our maiden class was attended by two ladies from Parkchester, who sought fitness encouragement and innovation. We became convinced that we were on the right track when the two ladies became committed subscribers in the first month of our operation.

In the beginning, we offered 3 classes a day, and six months after our launch, we increased class offerings by 80%. We eventually had over twenty classes on schedule which included; community mediation, Pilates, trampoline, and yoga classes. I hired 5 people to meet the demand. Not only did I bring fitness and a healthy lifestyle into an area requiring our services but we created jobs and social improvements in The South Bronx and beyond.

Currently, we are located in Harlem where we are adding technology to our experiences with images that reflect women, community, and culture. Additionally, we have created a platform to train and certify our methodology. We are confident that our vision combats stereotypes as it is proven in our social media followers, clients, and results.

We believe strongly that we have innovated a successful fitness idea into reality and will continue to encourage women into our circle, create forums that tell women that they can do anything as equally as men. My goal is to become a trustworthy lifestyle coach and encourage women to grow and build in the same manner as I have.

by: Tineta Newton, Visionary, EyeCycleNYC

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